7 Little Signs That Lead to Big Problems

Even as a seasoned homeowner, you are bound to run into something you have never seen before. You might shrug it off at first or mean to Google it, but forgot. Over time that small signal, if forgotten about, could indicate a massive problem for your structure. Here are some items to look out for at your home.

1. Windows & Doors that Stick

We hate to say it, but your house could have a foundational issue if you find your windows and doors difficult to open and close. It is natural for a house to shift over time, but there are some limits to how much is too much. To get more of an idea of how much of a problem it is you must hire a foundation contractor or a structural home inspector.

2. Slanting Floors

Similar to the above point, the house will shift over time. No big deal, right? Well, it depends on the severity of the issue. A slightly slanting floor that has to be pointed out to notice, might not matter, BUT it could become a sign that the foundation has shifted too much. Again, get a specialist to check it out.

3. Flickering Lights

Unless it’s your great aunt Sally’s ghost that’s coming to visit you, check into this. It could be the fixture or the bulb. Do a trial-and-error run with what works and what doesn’t. If you have more than one light doing this, it could indicate something major. Your home’s wiring could be insufficient for the amount of electricity that is being used. You could also have loose wires. This situation is best left to your electrician.

4. A Bulging Rubber Washing Machine Hose

High water pressure will cause your hose to lose its thickness over time. The bulge can mean that the hose will rupture sooner than later and needs replacing. To avoid a flooded laundry room, replace this hose with a braided steel version. They are much more durable.

​ 5. White Residue on Brick Chimney

This is caused by moisture drawing out mineral salts from within the bricks. If there is a thick abundance of it, that indicates condensed moisture on the inside of the chimney. It could mean that you have an interior plumbing leak or a cracked flue liner. Have a professional chimney sweep inspect the chimney.

6. Blistering or Peeling Paint

Paint will do this over time, BUT do not rule out other reasons of why else it could happen. Moisture from a leak could be the culprit. Before you start painting over it, check the area for wetness and call a plumber if needed to inspect.

7. Laundry Room Drain is Backing Up

The situation could be caused by not having a lent trap. Easy fix! On the other hand, if all the water in your house is ending up in this sink, you might have a big problem. Take into account the age of the house and trees from your house to the street. A lot of older neighborhoods installed clay sewer pipes and then homeowners put a bunch of trees in their front yard, not taking into account the root systems. Eventually, those roots go looking for water and might break into your pipeline. Have a plumber run a camera down the pipe to check for root intrusion.

Bottom Line

Most homeowners do not prepare themselves for the bad news of colossal problems such as foundation issues or broken sewer lines. They all have indicators though. No matter how seemingly small the issue may be, it’s a good idea to get it checked out.

From the experience of visiting and inspecting a lot of houses, the OREIA home inspectors meet with plenty of new and older homeowners. Concerned that your home foundation might be in trouble? We offer NON BIASED home inspections like a tradesperson can not. If you are planning to purchase a new home – or even keep your existing home for a longer period of time, you are money ahead to hire a home inspector.

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