Four Dryer Lint Safety Warning Signs

When is the last time you pulled the dryer vent away from your dryer and cleaned out the accumulated lint? Is your dryer vent operating properly? A properly operating laundry dryer will save you money, and prevent devastating results. A congested or clogged dryer vent can lead to devastating results. A clogged dryer vent can threaten your home or business. Let’s review some warning signs!

Prevent Home Fires

It’s crucial that dryer vents are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, for safety reasons and economic reasons. A house fire is bad enough, but when a fire happens in a large apartment complex or worse can be deadly.

dryer vent safety

A few years ago the residents of UC’s Calhoun Hall were evacuated when a fire started in the laundry area of the basement. The fire was caused by an overheated (clogged dryer vent) dryer. The dryer vent was so backed up with lint the dryer got to hot and the clothes inside the dryer caught on fire.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned several years in a row that a clogged dryer vent is the most common source of all household fires. There are several dryer vent warning signs to signal a clogged dryer vent.

  • The clothes take longer to completely dry.
  • Clothes are hotter than normal upon removing them.
  • The exterior flaps on the dryer vent do not operate properly ( open and close).
  • The exterior vent has lint hanging off the cover.

Clothes Dry Faster

Airflow is the most important element in a clothes dryer’s ability to function and operate safely and efficiently. When a dryer is given the appropriate airflow, the clothes dry faster and results in less gas and electric usage for the dryer, which saves you money on the gas and electric bill and adds longevity to the dryer’s life.

Take Care of Your Dryer

  • Every time you use your dryer, clean out the lint.
  • Install a short straight pipe from the dryer to the outdoors.
  • Remove any cleaning supplies from the dryer area.
  • Solid metal dryer ducts are less likely to collect lint, and more likely to contain a fire should this occur.
  • Pay attention to your clothes. Clothes that take longer to dry is a good indication that there could be a clog.
  • Inspect the outdoor vent and remove any snow or debris from the immediate area.

Do Not Risk It

Dryer Vent Safety is incredibly important! It is no surprise that both home insurance inspectors and real estate home inspectors look closely at the laundry room connections. Dryer lint accumulation is a fire hazard. Do not risk your home safety.

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