OREIA Website Tutorials

Having trouble figuring something out? Watch any of these tutorials that cover the most frequently asked questions by other members.

How to edit your "Find a home inspector" entry.

  1. Go to the “Find a home inspector” page
  2. Directly under the map, click “enable inline edit”
  3. Scroll down to your entry
  4. Click on whatever you’d like to change or edit
  5. Make your change and then click “update”
  6. Once you’ve made all your changes, scroll back to the top and click “disable inline edit”

As of right now, your logo cannot be edited once you fill out the form. If you’d like to change your logo, email Parker@Cognificent.org

How customize email notifications.

  1. Go to your account, (the gear icon on the left side panel)
  2. Click “email preferences”
  3. Customize your notifications
  4. Click the “save changes” button at the bottom or else your changes won’t be saved

How to message other members and make posts.

  1. Click the messages icon on the left side panel
  2. Click the pen and paper icon next to “New Message”
  3. Type the name or username of whomever you want to message
  4. Type your message and click send

Starting at 1 Minute 6 Seconds

  1. Click the timeline icon on the left side panel
  2. Click the “Share what’s on your mind” text.
  3. Write your post
  4. Press “post”


How to upload technical content.

  1. Click the technical content icon on your dashboard
  2. Click on documents
  3. Insert a document from your personal library 
  4. Add to or create a new folder
  5. Click the upload button

How to join or create groups.

  1. Click the “join a group” icon on your dashboard
  2. To join a group, pick the one you’d like to join and click “join group”
  3. To create a group, click “create new group” at the top and fill out the required information.

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